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He's Back! - 86%

langstondrive, February 14th, 2004

After leaving Judas Priest in the early 90's and drenching himself with experimentation through his other projects, most notably Fight and Two, Halford finally returns to the roots with Resurrection. Throughout the album, the band really does back off and let Halford take the stage with his vocal performance. This is NOT a bad thing, as Halford is the best vocalist of all time.

Now, this album has some insane moments of metal, such as the four minute mark of "Silent Screams", where the speed kicks in. This stuff is fairly heavy, most of it can be compared to Painkiller in terms of heaviness and speed, althought Painkiller is more speed-consistant. The instruments, as I said, mainly stay in the background but do an excellent job of holding the Metal God's vocals together.

Right from the opener (the title track), this album kicks your ass without fail. The verses on "Resurrection" are an audio orgasm, with Halford showing us that the Painkiller vocals are strong. Night Fall sounds like it wouldn't be out of place on Painkiller either, it is slower paced, with a classic heavy metal verse and catchy, melodic chorus. Silent Screams is a slower song, but picks up about halfway and really starts to kick ass. Made In Hell is a complete tribute to the 70's Priest, with the classic double guitar intro and riffs. Same with the lyrics, bring back memories of the old Priest.

Those four just about cover it in terms of diversity. The title track is the best song on here for sure, just because of the vocals. Are those high screams incredible or what?

Get this one for sure.