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The second coming of British Steel - 68%

UltraBoris, November 30th, 2002

There are some great songs on here, and some pretty crappy ones. The general atmosphere of this album is most reminiscent of British Steel, though Killing Machine wouldn't be a completely inaccurate comparison either, and sometimes it reminds me of Ram it Down.

Not really Painkiller, though... if you want Painkiller-like intensity, check out Halford's Live Insurrection - that is the album that you want to hear. But yeah, there's this one. It starts off pretty promising with "Resurrection", which is total fucking speed metal. Think "Ram it Down" meets "Freewheel Burning". Then, "Made in Hell" continues in the same vein. A bit of a thrashy groove too makes this probably the best song on here.

Then, Locked and Loaded is the most controversial song on here, simply because its homoerotic imagery. Okay, whatever, it's still a pretty decent song. Nightfall is where the album gets a bit boring for the first time. It's kinda midpaced, a bit uninspired... but then the album totally redeems itself with Silent Screams, which is the other canditate for the best song on here. This one kicks maximal ass, it starts off kinda slowly and then turns really fucking heavy.

"The One You Love to Hate" has Bruce Dickinson. Great. Otherwise, it's really forgettable. "Cyberworld" is decently cool speed metal, and thus is enjoyable just on that level. Then the album turns pretty crappy. Like Defenders of the Faith, it totally loses me. "Slow Down" is boring. "Twist" is totally fucking stupid. It's like Halford decided he needed to have a few more songs on here and forgot to actually take the time to write them. Temptation - blah. Drive is also really horrible.

Then, Saviour closes off the album in good style. This is pretty much what the bottom end of the album should be - that and Cyberworld. Leave out all the silly midpaced songs, that somehow lack inspiration. They sound like British Steel rehash sessions, and are mercifully omitted from Live Insurrection. Go there, kids. You won't be disappointed.