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I am Halford, and I am boring without Judas Priest - 62%

Symphony_Of_Terror, April 3rd, 2004

This album may be the best of all of Rob Halfords solo works, and its at best average. Three things stand out on this album that make it what it is, and those are three songs on this album that attempt to be something, and they suceed. These songs are Resurrection, The One You Love To Hate, and Twist. A good heavy metal song, a good ballad, and a good 80's style priest song, respectivly. The other nine songs on this album range from decent to boring/bad, none very good.

The album starts off with Resurrection, this is the best song on this album done in the straight foward heavy metal style. Its heavy, has good vocals, loud drum work, a fast song, with great riffs. Its a traditional heavy metal song that halford does some good vocal work on. The One You Love To Hate is a ballad with some nice soaring vocals. The chorus has volume and is long, its a powerful song that is a break from the heavy metal standard of this album. Halford does some nice range with his vocals on this track, and he sings pretty different on here than he normally does. Twist is very similiar to a mid to late 80's judas priest song, most similiar to the Turbo album. It has a catchy chorus and catchy guitars as well. I do think it was his goal with this song to capture a Turbo to Ram It Down era Judas Priest sound, and he does. Twist is most certainly better than anything off Ram It Down, and on Par with Turbo.

As for the rest of the music, its decent to good at times, sometimes its boring and bad. The album is inconsitent in its quality. Made In Hell is the best of the other songs I didn't mention, but its just more of Resurrection, so it can be a bore. Silent screams is better than the rest of the unmentioned songs as well, but again, the song doesn't do all that much to make it memorable. This album is no Painkiller follow up, and its not better than anything Halford did with Priest, so there isn't much draw to it. If you love Halfords vocals, you may really enjoy this album. I just couldn't get into it because I found it boring and inconsitent at times, I am able to listen to it though because there are 3 great tracks on it. There are much worse heavy metal albums out there.