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Heavy fucking metal, right in your face. - 87%

Nightcrawler, January 25th, 2003

Halford's solo debut is absolutely fucking great, I must say. Resurrection is one heck of an album, and stuff like the title track would fit in to Painkiller without feeling out of place at all.
This is a CD packed with energetic, powerful, straightforward heavy fucking metal brought to you by Rob Metal God Halford.
On this album, we are delivered loads of heavy guitar riffs and blazing solos, pounding drum attacks and wicked basslines, working together with catchy, memorable vocal lines full of attitude and strength.
The songs are very straightforward, not too complicated but not overly simple either. The songs usually have the classic riff-chorus-riff-chorus-solo-chorus pattern, but it's used in a good way and doesn't get annoying or repetitive.
Now, it's true that the album is slightly inconsistent, but I tend to like each single song in one way or another, even though some songs are not quite good as the others. Twist, for instance, has some nice, midpaced riffing and lyrics with a cool attitude, but the most annoying chorus Rob Halford has ever done vocals on. Well, on with the song-by-song review then...

The opening track is also the title track and in my opinion the best track of the album: Resurrection. Beginning with a cool, atmospheric intro, it gets going with a legendary high-pitched scream by Rob Halford, and in kicks the main riff and some heavy drums.
The song smokes with rage, aggressiveness and power, with the high-pitched vocals and fast and heavy guitar riffs pounding you right in the face, tearing you apart. An amazing opener for an amazing album.
This is actually the only song where Rob does high-pitched vocals all through- one more of those wouldn't hurt...

Made In Hell follows, and this is one classic heavy metal anthem. Well, it's not really an anthem; it's fast, heavy and catchy and has cool metal-owns-your-ass lyrics. It's a really energetic, catchy tune which somewhat reminds me of 80's Priest. A killer solo with a cool melodic lead at the end must also be mentioned.

Locked And Loaded slows down the pace, but the in-your-face attitude is stronger than ever, especially with the midpaced crushing riffs and I-will-kick-your-ass lyrics, and some nice groovy drumwork.
Another great guitar solo is to be found here.

Night Fall is also pretty damn good, with a cool melodic intro leading into some nice just above midpaced riffing. The verses have a dark but quite groovy, catchy feeling, while the chorus is more melodic. A pretty good song, but tends to be a bit forgettable.

Silent Screams next. This one shares the spot for best song on the album along with the title track.
The guitar melodies playing in the opening of the song is beautiful, and Rob's vocals are very emotional, and so are the lyrics.
The first few minutes could be compared to Beyond The Realms Of Death, with the emotional verses and a few heavy parts in between, although this song is not as sad as Beyond, and not nearly as excellent (Not to say it's a bad song, it's a bloody masterpiece!)
After the melodic beginning, the song turns into a fast headbanger filled with anger and attitude which totally kicks ass. Hell, I changed my mind. This is the best song on the album.

Now comes another headbanger, and this also filled with an in-your-face attitude. The One You Love To Hate, with special guest performance by none other than Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson!
This is a killer song with a catchy, memorable chorus and some wicked guitar riffs and a great solo.

Then comes Cyberworld, an extremely underrated track in my opinion. It's got some pretty damn speedy guitar riffs, fast, catchy and somewhat evil verses and a cool, pretty memorable chorus.
And the killer melodic leads should also be mentioned.

Slow Down is another underrated piece, I noticed this after recently getting Live Insurrection, which brings the song to it's full potential.
It has a very cool feeling, and it's somewhat of a mix between a ballad and a headbanger. Nice, midpaced and fairly heavy riffs, and very good, clean vocals on the verses, and a very strong, memorable chorus, and a beautifully melodic bridge.

Twist is next, and this is probably the weakest song on the album. As I stated earlier, the verses are cool and have a great attitude, but the chorus is just plain annoying.
It's a midpaced and not very memorable track, and although it could've been better, the annoying and repetitive chorus somewhat ruins it.

Temptation is yet another overlooked track. Fairly heavy, over midpaced riffing and catchy verses, and an excellent melodic and memorable chorus.
But there is something missing about this song, it feels like it's not really finished. They could've done more with this one, I'm sure.

Drive rocks pretty damn well too. Wicked, mean and heavy headbanging riffs filled with a dirty attitude and homo-erotic lyrics, with a cool catchy chorus and a killer solo.
Some may dislike it due to the lyrics, but I love this song.

Saviour is a quite decent closer. Quite memorable verses and chorus, but the guitar riffs are quite uninteresting, and they somewhat lack the attitude that the lyrics has. Not really bad, but not great.

So overall, what we have here is an all-through solid metal album with many great tracks and a few that stand out among the rest.
The album has great variation in the songs, and they're all good in one way or another.
Most people tend to find it inconsistent, I tend to disagree.