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In Your Face, Down Your Throat And Up Your Ass! - 91%

Metal_Jaw, June 14th, 2012

Some metalheads on here, giving this less than 90%. Some people. Well, after the more groove metal-oriented Fight in the early 90's and the infamous 2wo a little after, The Metal God decided to head back to his roots. To traditional heavy metal. The result was the beastly 2000 debut, the unfortunately-titled "Resurrection". Shit, aside from the woefully overused title, this record rocks from start to finish. It's straightforward metal in your face, down your throat and right up your ass!

Halford's vocals are just about at the top of the game here. He lets loose a colorful array of his wails, some gruff mid-ranged growling, as well as cleaner, more mellow humming. Joining Halford on this metal crusade are a turntable of old pros and hungry newbies alike. On guitars are "Metal" Mike Chlasciak and Patrick Lachman. They make a fairly formidable duo, though the solos can be a bit underwhelming. These guys' strong point is the riffing; they shred some cool and catchy riffage up and down this place! Ray Riendeau is our bassist foe the evening. He's pretty solid, but buried a tad in the mix. Still his efforts and ability don't go unnoticed. A highlight here is the drumming of the great Bobby Jarzombek, formerly of Riot and now with Fates Warning. He's not as frenetic or as whiplash-inducingly technical, but I always felt he was a damn good, underrated drummer. He's great here, as he always has been.

The album has a slick but kinda crunchy production, courtesy of Roy Z. In other words, a good, typical modern metal production. If you have the original release, you're treated with 12 tracks, 16 on the remastered reissue. The album begins with a wicked one-two punch of the title track and the wicked "made I Hell". Both are some of the heaviest on the album, charging along with fearsome riffage and wild Halford shrieking on the title cut. Lyrically, as with most of this album, it gets pretty corny. It's to be expected but it doesn't bother me much. Other crushers include the rolling and menacing "Drive", though the lyrics get to be amuch in this song, and the short, sweet final song "Savior". Some other highlights include the fast and catchy "Cyberworld", which on the other hand hand actually has pretty clever lyrics. "The One You Love To Hate" features a team-up of Halford and Bruce Dickinson. Yes, THE Bruce Dickinson. It's a really catchy, straightforward metal speeder but with the team-up behind it, one would expect something more significant and less so-so. The moody epic "Silent Screams" may be the album highlight next to the first two songs; it's filled with great time changes, escalating from a slowish ballad to a more evil, aggressive pace. Some lesser cuts are "Slow Down", a chugging Accept-type song. Frankly it has one of my favorite riffs on the album but it does get repetitious, particularly towards to end. "Twist" and "Temptation" come armed with a similar construct, though with less solid riffage and a somewhat boring overall feel to them.
The bonus songs on the reissue are "God, Bringer of Death", "Fetish", "Hell's Last Survivor", and "Sad Wings". The latter two, while fast and generally pretty heavy, have too-melodic singing and choruses that take away from the mood. "God" has the heaviness and speed again but just comes and goes. But "Fetish". Oh...FUCK! This song kicks so much fucking ass!!! It's heavy as holy hell (maybe the heaviest this band ever put out) and comes armed with some of Halford's meanest vocals. If you can't get a hold of the remaster, I'd HIGHLY recommend downloading this sick puppy!

Overall, most of the songs are pretty cool, despite a few clunkers cheesy lyrics. The best cuts would have have to be "Resurrection", "Cyber World", "Made In Hell", "Silent Screams", "Savior" and "Fetish" off the remaster. The performance of the band is pretty good and the production is really good. I definitely recommend it for Judas Priest fans and those who just dig no-bullshit heavy metal.