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One hell of a debute! - 90%

FatalStrike, May 2nd, 2003

Well the title track opens the album. A killer scream opens the song and the first riff starts up. Killer song. The riffs chug and chug and Halford shrieks as only he can do. This is a definent highpoint of the album.
Made in Hell follows, and we are given another killer song. Much in the vein of the first track, great song.
Locked and Loaded is a slower song that crunches along. Good headbanging song.
Nightfall comes next with a cool intro. Not bad. Another slower song, but it doesn't get dull and repetitive like Halford's next album. Also great vocal work from Halford.
Silent Screams follows. The first half of the song is slower and gets pretty boring, but then the second half picks up and sounds killer. Turns out to be a pretty good song with some killer shrieking towards the end.
The One You Love to Hate follows. Here we have both Halford and Bruce Dickinson on vocals. Holy shit, this is a killer pairing. Both sound great, and the riffs are pretty good as well. They could have done alot more with this song, but it's not bad.
Cyberworld is next, this one opens with some killer riffs, and pretty good vocals. This one sounds like it could have gone on Defenders of the Faith, it has a definant Priest sound to it. Great song.
Slow Down is next, and this is probably the catchiest song on the album. Halford sings this one great. It crunches along well.
Twist is next, it sounds like Slow Down, but it just doesn't have what the last song did, and ends up being a boring song.
Temptation follows and is a great song. Another mid-paced headbanger. With a killer chorus that shows Halford still has it, and a pretty cool solo towards the end.
Drive is next, this one sounds the most like Crucible, but it sounds good. It isn't overlong and uneventful. There are some nice riffs and leads. Also Halford sounds great. Then we get a killer chorus. Good song.
Saviour ends the album great. A thrashy riff opens the song, and we get one hell of a closing song. Awesome riffs, and some of the best vocal and lead work.

All in all there is only one weak song on this album and thats Twist. The rest of the songs sound great. This is an awesome debute album from Halford. Go get this!