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An excellent EP, especially considering the price! - 90%

ScreamBloodyDeath, October 30th, 2008

This is one smoldering slab of traditional metal! Especially considering it was provided free of charge upon it's initial release. This was recorded during the Crucible tour and producer extraordinaire Roy Z was on guitar and makes his distinctive presence known.

The performance itself is relatively flawless considering this is not the real Judas Priest. "Metal God" Rob Halford is in especially tremendous voice and hits even the most demonic of his banshee wails with accuracy. Roy Z and Metal Mike Chalasciak do occasionally improvise and deviate from KK and Glen's leads a little but it's all fairly tastefully done. Not too much to say about the rhythm section but that's never been too much of an issue in the world of Halford style heavy metal.

The set list is a good balance of Priest covers, Fight material and Halford originals. I was shocked to hear them open with Painkiller but it worked really well and seemed to get the audience in the mood. The set list could actually stand to be a little longer and that's really my only complaint. However, given that this is nothing more than a free digital EP for the diehard fans, the short running time is acceptable.

Overall a great little EP for Halford-maniacs and those on a budget looking for more Priest related music. The only thing hurting the score is that I'd love to hear the full show, it's somewhat apparent that there was some editing in between songs. Except for the meager running time there's really nothing negative I can say about this. The price is definitely right!