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A nice little treat for fans - 79%

LordOfTerror, October 21st, 2009

Hail of Bullets made their debut last year with the monstrous Of Frost and War. If you couldn’t get enough of their old school death metal assault, you should seriously consider picking up this EP. It contains a variety of material: a couple new original songs, a Twisted Sister cover, and a few live tracks.

Let’s start with the originals, Warsaw Rising and Liberators. Both of these could have easily come off of Of Frost and War, and they would have easily been highlights of that album had they been included. They include all the elements that make Hail of Bullets great: killer riffs, vicious vocals, and an energetic, passionate performance. The band has stuck to the lyrical theme of World War II in Eastern Europe, with primitive, to-the-point lyrics that reflect the barbaric nature of that era of history.

The Twisted Sister cover, Destroyer, is the weak point of this release. Hail of Bullets plays this song well, but even if you polish a turd, it’s still a turd. If you’re a Twisted Sister fan you’d probably enjoy this, but if you don’t care for their music, you can skip this track.

The final part of the EP contains live recordings of three of the best songs after the debut, and proves that the band is just as energetic in a live setting as they are on album – maybe even more so! These guys should record a full length live album!

If you’re not a Hail of Bullets fan, this EP won’t change your mind, but if you love this band as much as I do, then this release is definitely worth your time! Hopefully these guys do another full-length soon, but this EP should hold fans over in the meantime.