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Good but too similar - 78%

Manu_SwordMaster, July 17th, 2004

A new Haggard album, a new historical figure: Galilei, new language: Italian.
Not sure If they used it much before, but this album is full of italian, apart from english, german and latin. There is even a spoken part in italian in the song "Eppur si muove" that sounds like said by the Godfather himself.

The album sounds good... Its a little bit too much short, just as the previous albums, 10 songs, 2 versions of the same song, 3 calm instrumentals, leaves room for 5 real songs, with some metal in it. Similar rate of metal/classical parts than previous albums. Maybe it lacks a stronger track like "Awaking the Centuries".

"Herr Manelig" stands out, its a traditional song, sung in Italian by a female beautiful voice. I can't think of a "Best" song out of the 5 songs with metal in it, they are all very similar, nice Haggard songs, and each of them has its best moments.

My complaint with this album is that is extremely similar to the previous ones. You can sense this when you hear a melody that starts identical to one of the songs of previous albums, and then makes an obvious turn as to not be the exact same melody.

Comparing, I think this album is slightly below both previous albums. If you like Haggard, this is for you. Its not for every one, specially not metalheads... Its for people that like particular good music. Again, Haggar do something pretty unique and they deserve high respect, for it is really good music.