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Haggard's Grand - 100%

Ditte, October 10th, 2004

I thought that Haggard reached their apogee with Awaking the Centuries , I thought that Asis Nasseri was a mastermind…I was wrong , Awaking the Centuries is a great CD but Eppur Si Muove isn’t just that , it is a musical Masterpiece , and Asis Nasseri isn’t just a mastermind he is a Metal God.
No matter in which metal genre you are Haggard has something for you in this album, the mixture of metal with medieval music that this guys accomplished is perfect.

The first track , All ´inizio e La Morte , opens with a very powerful chorus followed by a 3 minutes beautiful intro which takes you directly to medieval times. Until the third minute the real metal part starts with the entrance of guitars , drums , bass and Asis´s grunts.
The second track , Menuetto In Fa-Minore, is one of Haggard’s short instrumental tracks . It is a 1.12 minute slow medieval part which perfectly takes you to the third track: Per Aspera Ad Astra. This is the CD’s heavier track which opens with fast violins and very strong guitars perfectly arranged with the soprano’s voice to give you Haggard’s most amazing sound.
Then in Of A Might Divine Haggard goes back to their old style where the metal parts and the medieval parts are very separated and in some parts where they come together they deliver a glorious sound.
Gavotta In Si-Minore is the second instrumental track , followed by one of the highlights of the album: Herr Mannelig. This is the first real medieval song that Haggard has played. It is a fantastic track with a gorgeous rhythm and beautiful sopranos and tenors.

Then in The Observer Asis mixes perfectly all the instruments to create a song with very melancholic piano moments and some quick and joyful moments.
The eighth track , Eppur Si Muove , is the most operatic song with magnificent and unforgettable moments. It is one of the best orchestrated metal songs ever.
The CD ends with Larghetto/ Epilogo Adagio the third instrumental track , the perfect closure for this magic metal experience.

Once more this album has a topic , this time is Galileo Galilei and the social and religious problems he had for supporting his theory.

So this is the CD you must buy , it is a magical metal creation you’ll never forget and you’ll never get bored of it, no matter what you listen you’ll love it, it has everything from fast and heavy tracks to slow and melancholic , from the most simple piano moments to the most complex operatic ones.

This is one of the best productions ever , one of the best medieval sounds ever , one of the most magnificent metal creations , this is Haggard’s Masterpiece.