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Great tracks, less filling - 95%

Elfy_McElferton, March 16th, 2005

Haggard is one of my favorite groups, simply because of how unique they are. One would think that their merry band of classical instruments would be drowned out in a live performance, but, my brothers, that is not the case! Everything is heard perfectly, and it really and truly sounds fantastic. The biggest problem I have with this album is the parts between the song. The audience is probably the worst audience that has ever audienced. They fail at being good, and the only thing they really ever do is chant "Haggard" in weird intervals, as though they were zombie that hungered for a symphony instead of brains.Silly zombies. Luckily, oh my brothers, these parts are short, and the music between them is so good you will soon forget about the incredibly lame audience. This is a definite must for any Haggard fan, and a very good investment for someone wanting to get into Haggard.

Very Good - 93%

Symphony_Of_Terror, February 18th, 2003

Of all the Haggard Releases this is the best one. There were a few tracks on Thou Shall Trust The Seer and Awakening The Centuries that weren't that great. Awakening The Gods combines these two albums, leaves out the tracks that aren't good, and adds the live intensity of the band to the songs. All instruments on this album are played well, nothing over powers anything else. The sound quality is amazing, the only downside is that there is not that much audiance participation, at times this does sound like a studio album, a little to polished. Otherwise this is a great live album. Worth A Buy.