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Unique, and very well done. - 100%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 14th, 2004

If you like Heavy/Black Metal, and you Love orchestral/classical music, and you love fusion bands, then this is the Haggard album for you. This band/album has a unique black/heavy metal sound mixed with classical instruments. Its done well too, the band actually has many members playing classical instruments so it sounds great. Alot of bands just use keyboards for the classical parts of their songs, and it sounds rather cheap, but that is not the case here. Haggard with over 15 members has a wide array of band members playing all different types of classical instruments.

This particular album is equal parts classical and equal parts metal, so it may turn some fans away who aren't that into classical music. Their are some songs on this album that have no metal in them at all, while some are prodominatly metal, and while some have a equal mixture of the two. My personal favorite is the latter, respectivly. At times this album can get rather heavy with fast, heavy, thrashy/black metal guitars. This isn't the pure black metal sound like Old Emperor or Immortal...but black metal influenced by heavy metal. Its not like Cradle Of Filth "black" metal, the horrible shitty type, but a unique good type.

There are some great tracks on this record like Awakening the Centuries, The Final Victory, and In a Fullmoon Procession. The first of these is a long track with equal parts clean/death/black metal vocals, while the rest is classical instruments with and heavy quitar riffs, definalty the best song on the album. The Final Victory is great too, very powerful. Fullmoon procession is also great. There is nothing bad here on the album, whats also cool is there is a story on this album, but alot of it is in french. I speak french and can tell you the story is pretty cool too. I can't take any points off this album, there is nothing on it I do not enjoy. So if you like Neoclassical metal, then buy this album, you will no regret it.