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Call Of The Nature. - 87%

I_am_thy_abyss, July 10th, 2004

Hagalaz Runedance, the main project of Andrea “NebelHexe” Haugen, haves is beginning in the year of 1996. First there was the single from the music “When The Trees Were Silenced”, and just after two years, in 1998, the first album came to the public hands, called “The Winds That Sang Of Midgard’s Fate”, not based exactly in obscure themes, but yes in some natural fillings and landscapes, united with the Nordic and Celtic pagan history from distant past.

This could be called ambient folk with pagan lyrics, but the truth is that Andrea inserts her passionate individuality in Hagalaz Runedance, making here something very different from anything, something personal. The main characteristic here is relaxing melodies and some serenades, in one or two tracks we ear violent percussion, but always calm, acoustic atmosphere involved with the female and well chanted voices, which gives all that peace to the music. The guitars are always serene without distortion, gently joined with the subtle choirs, Andrea’s voice and all the other ancient instruments. The choirs are clean and fluid, sometimes based in native and indigene voices. The main female vocals perforate the tracks in a softly, light and sometimes echoed way, giving to this album the peace that it needs.

There is a grand variation of sounds and instruments, so the absence of boredom it’s eminent, every track it’s different in anyway from the precedent one, diversification it’s one of the great characteristics from this album. But above all this, there’s always that folk connection to the music, with a distant keyboard sound to give that waved atmosphere to the folk instruments, including the tribal percussion, sometimes hard sometimes light, that it’s not present in every track, not meaning that the rhythm becomes boring with the absence of percussion Being the nature an inspiration to all this construction, like we can see in lyrics, in the name of the tracks and in every sound produced by Andrea hands, this is a pure nature, connected to creation and not exactly to destruction, incarnating the four elements, some animals and landscapes, through the natural sounds of this characteristics that are present in a bigger and random part of the album. The lyrics are pure poetry, always doing that involvement with nature, paganism and ancient history, in an artistic way that just some persons could do.

In the end of The Winds That Sang Of Midgard’s Fate, we have this gentle work of poetry and music art, which makes the perfect soundtrack for some relaxed minutes.