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Panic In The Hospital - 74%

Tlacaxipehualiztli, June 28th, 2011

2007 – the year when the Spaniards from Haemorrhage released two products: “Haematology” compilation and “The Kill Sessions”. Here I write about the second stuff, these ten songs (and twenty minutes) were chosen by fans and supporters on Haemorrhage website. “The Kill Sessions”… does it sound quite familiar? Yes, exactly, this title is some kind of parody and refers to ‘The Peel Sessions’ releases from such bands like Napalm Death, Carcass and Bolt Thrower.

These ten metal anthems (he, he…) were recorded live one day (3rd January, 2007) in the largest studio in Madrid and I bet that studio walls didn’t hear such beautiful sounds. The production of this release is… nothing new in Haemorrhage career. If the sounding differs from the previous album “Apology For Pathology”, the differences are really minimal. It refers especially to the bass lines which are really powerful here and strengthen guitars work. On the other hand the drums should be better (and louder!), there are moments when Rojas and his instruments disappear during guitars massacre. In my opinion the band has to pay attention to get more devastating and audible sounding of drums. Returning to the music and style – I hope each metal fan knows that you won’t find here beautiful pseudometal melodies, spectacular keyboard passages… yes, that’s right, expect only pure gore/grind/death metal inspired by early Carcass (this band is mentioned on the first place on the cover, by the way Europe is also included he, he…). This kind of metal is played with passion and extreme aggression, also I can find this magical element which makes that there is no place for boredom and dullness.

All right, let’s back to the songs. There is only one track “I’m Pathologist” from my favourite album “Anatomical Inferno”, and it is a pity indeed. Of course each album is represented here, so I can say about “The Kill Sessions” as compilation. These twenty minutes run extremely fast, you are not bored as I wrote earlier, everything here is sick, rotten, crazy and deranged.

To sum it up, the next offering of the Spaniards is nothing new, but I don’t rough it up of course. For me, as a die-hard Haemorrhage fan, this medical session is rather curious detail. It is good idea to release it in limited vinyl edition, but for example two completely new killing tracks would be a really great surprise. So, the words are only the words. Go and listen to it. Dr. Obnoxious is ready to meet you...