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Storming The Princeton-Plainsboro Mortuary - 90%

Tlacaxipehualiztli, October 4th, 2011

Fuck The Commerce – this legendary live show was the place I bought "Morgue Sweet Home”, another collection of nice and pleasant offal in Haemorrhage's career. After four long years of releasing excellent gore slab “Anatomical Inferno” and several smaller desserts, these crazy Spaniards managed to decompose and record the next portion of the gorgeous main dish once again. The main question is: did Luisma and company maintain the masterly level of the predecessor? Alright, let’s back from inferno to the morgue…

In this case, Haemorrhage repeated the number of decompositions. For the start, one thing is sure as shooting: the music style is still the same, but comparing to the previous album, there are faster tempos. Speed is one thing, but the production is also important. Here I must confess it isn’t as good work as killing tunes of the third album. Maybe Haemorrhage knowingly decided about such production, but in my opinion everything is untidy with poor realization of drum work, the powerful and more devastating sound is essential condition: drums simply disappear during guitars hurricane. I wrote about untidiness in production, however it is not a drawback. “Morgue” has a special charm for sure and everything reminds me old-school grindcore/death metal releases. Also structures of the songs are different here, because these incredible memorable catchy guitar riffs known from “Anatomical Inferno” are gone almost definitely. Of course I didn’t expect songs for Eurovision, but this time music of Haemorrhage is like a trance. Pathological trance… To continue writing about ‘new’ elements I have to point out on song number thirteen. I will write about this later. Vo-kills of Lugubrious didn’t change as well his “singing” is a real accomplishment in this gore sauce.

Mesmerized by the stench of rot… Yes, I wrote about this trance which is strengthened by wild and butcherly production. Fortunately music doesn’t take the listener to the kingdom of boredom, which is the first advantage. The musicians skillfully use tempo changes from blast to slowdowns tunes. Even I didn’t find here such highlight tracks like “Enshrouded In Putrilage”, “Putritorium” or “Set The Morgue On Fire”, however I can say there are some songs worthy of note. The first killer, prefaced by short intro in extremely gore vein, called “Mortuary Riot” is the essence what I expect here to listen to. Some mid-tempo on the start and after seventy seconds the surgery begins. Simply I call this not other than sonic devastation of the blood vascular system. Yes, definitely special feeling on the beginning… The music able to stir the listener’s blood… What do I want more? Only next sonic hurricane: its name “Oozing Molten Gristle” – this is standard, typical stuff coming from this performance, so expect pure gore grind ravage! The next third track is probably in the same vein like “I’m A Pathologist” from the previous album. I mean the next ‘creed’ of the band. “Midnight Mortician” is the name of this decomposition which brings another pleasant moment of rapture. In turn “Exhuming Impulse” is characterized by very interesting group of riffs and fine slowdowns just like the next “Unlock The Morgue” is like a trip to old Swedish stuff, this atmosphere, this guitar work… Listening carefully this stuff I can assure that the end of the album has two faces. So as the first is excellent, the second is rather not thought out in my opinion. All right, let’s start to get to know the first one: it is begun by “The Forensic Requiems” which lasts five minute. Can you believe it? It is not a ballad with clean vocals of course, listening to the guitar work one term comes to my mind: Sweden and their excellent bands from the beginning of the nineties, from the other hand this track is correct for “Anatomical Inferno”. This song is put together with the next instrumental “Dirge For The Sick” which is simply a tribute for the old-school Swedish bands like Gorement or Dismember. The dirge is closed up by rain and thunder sounds, really good work on the end of the album. On the end? No, because there is one more track “Intravenous Molestation On Obstructionist Arteries (O-pus IV)”. By the way beautiful title, but I have one question for the band: why did you put this song here? In my opinion it disturbs doubtless sick yet enjoyable atmosphere from “The Forensic Requiems” /”Dirge For The Sick”. Look out for “Emetic Cult”, “Grume” and the next album “Apology For Pathology” - “Intravenous Molestation…” is placed in the middle of these albums and it really works. So, as you probably understand, this is the second rotten face, the worse face.

To sum all the things up, “Morgue Sweet Home” isn’t album as good as “Anatomical Inferno” and two next releases (“Apology”, “Hospital Carnage”). But one thing is sure: it still kicks my goregrind ass and I won’t call it bad or weak album. It has its own pathological (as always!) charm, for sure there is more omnipresent dirt at expense of anatomical harshness or rawness. Of course, for the modern believers of sterile productions this album is like a week in Justin Bieber’s life without hairstylist. As compared with Haemorrhage third album, sometimes my thoughts run into old Swedish bands which I treat as another advantage. So everything seems to be just great, but… there is only one anxiety… there, deep in the dark, one person is lurking… his name… Dr. Obnoxious, surgeon of the dead… Watch it!!!

Good Ol' Fashioned Goregrind - 90%

OpenMindedMetalhead, April 6th, 2005

This release by Spanish merchants o' gore, Haemorrhage, is one of the best pieces of goregrind I have heard in quite some time. The album starts of with the building then blasting of "Mortuary Riot" before seguing into the sublimely heavy and to the point "Oozing Molten Gristle". The rest of the songs are all about the same, however. This is not to say that they are in any way bad, it's just in the goregrind genre, you can't expect too fucking much in the way of variety.

One of the major strong points of this release is definetly the vocals that follow a Carcass school of low-end demon grunts, and a sick-sounding (sick as in medically sick) high pitched scream type thing. The drums are well produced and you can really hear the blasting beauty that they put out. The bass, is as usual in such releases (at least to my ears anyway) inaudible. The guitars... dude they just fucking shred!!! Killer leads and riffage are abundant throughout this release.

All in all a great release... Keep up the good work you guys!


CyberSlayer, November 14th, 2004

Totally violent and insane splatter gore grind! It's the best words to describe Haemorrhage's MORGUE SWEET HOME. Excelent recording, making all the instruments clear and audible (and extremally heavy too, of course..), well structured songs, with good localization of blast-beats, groovy and punk parts and immaculated vocal lines, alternating the screaming vocals with the "vomited" ones, and some times a low pitch-shiftered growl, make this album, in my opinion, the best goregrind album ever, maybe losing only for Reek Of Putrefaction, from the old Carcass (R.I.P.)
The negative point, to me, is the volume of the drums, it's more loud that should have to be...
I'd like to thank Sonic Death Records, to release here in Brazil this wonderful album, with 3 bonus tracks.
Album's hightlights: Mortuary Riot, Oozing Molten Gristle, Midnight Mortician and Funeral Carnage

What Grindcore DOES sound like - 95%

Mutant_Nephilim, October 9th, 2003

Morgue Sweet Home grinds from start to finish. Haemorrhage is a well respected band in the grind genre. Listening to this album will tell you why.
The vocals are noticably sick, ranging from a genuine vomital shriek to these two styles of low death growls. Of course it's similar to the pre-Heartwork days. All of the riffs aren't just noise pulled out from their has thought to them and solos aren't forgotten here at all. They're not great, but it's a grindcore album. They're not suppose to be over-the-top, it fits perfectly with the music. The drumming is excellent. Not that much tick-tock in the annoying sense (see Marduk) here either. They keep up the quick pace without an enormous amount of blastbeats...which is a great thing. NEVER have too much's annoying. The lyrical content is definitely gore-filled and thrilling. They meant to be grindcore, and they put out true grindcore. Lovers of Carcass circa 88-92 need this album in your collection. If you've never heard grindcore or very little of it, listen to this!

Highlights: Mortuary Riot (track1), Funeral Carnage (track 5), Exhuming Impulse (track 7), Mangled Surgical Epitaph (track 11)