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Demented! - 90%

unpure, May 19th, 2005

Ok, this is one of the best death / grind albums I ever heard.
Dementia Rex is a split album of Haemorrhage (Esp) and Impaled (US).

The first part's by the Spaniards.
This sick quintet's been around for 15 years now, playing sick grindcore inspired by early Carcass.
In my personal opinion, what they did on this split album is the best piece of their work so far.
The music's very fast, merciless and drives me insane.
We've got two vocals here - one is a standard screaming growl, and the other is a guttural gurgle (probably distorted by computer effects in studio).
To the music then.
First, we've got an intro - squeaking door, a sound of shovel hitting the ground, then insane laughter..
..and the party starts with Slaved to Dismember and Psychotic Delirium.
Very fast, catchy piece of grind.
The music's very rhytmic, regular, but that's what's great about it.
You know exactly when to headbang, when to stop, when to stab yourself in the chest.
Then there's a cover of 'Deformed', originally performed by Grave.
Very well played, a classic death metal tune transformed into grindcore.
To finish Haemorrhage's side of the split, there's In the Name of Sanity.
Not very different from the earlier tracks, but thanks to often repetitions of the title during this track, it feels like it's a hymn of some sort. Anyway, it's a killer and fits best as a perfect ending.

Now for Impaled. In my opinion, one of the most underrated brutal DM bands.
Their 5 songs (+ 2 intros) on this split should prove the disbelievers how great this band is.
We start off with an intro, a dialogue between two nurses working at a mental hospital.
"..until then, he'll sit in solitary and rot.. he's totally deranged!"
Yep, 'Deranged'. Very energetic track for a good start. It's a mixture of hyperfast blastbeats and slow classic grindcore steam-roller riffing. Then again we've got typical swedish DM rhythms, and then a solo, when you least expect it. De! Ranged! De! Ranged! De! Ranged!
Then there's another intro, a classic Hitchcock-ish. "Hey, hey you.. get back in your bed.. you know what time it is?!" "It's time for you all to die!"
"The Patients are Revolting" is the poorest track on the entire split.
We've got many different riffing here, but the drumwork is quite static, nothing insane going on there. The screams at the end though win like what!
"Psycho Surgery" starts with a thrash riff, but quickly it transforms into death metal massacre.
Very fast guitar picking and some good melodies. This track is truly demented.
The double vocals somewhere in the middle of the song is exactly what was missing till now.
The song finishes off with a stupid outro. That was unnecessary.
Lords of fucking 'Bedlam'. By now you'll probably recognize the style of this band, so there's nothing more to write that I wrote before. It's a typical Impaled song.
Then there's a 1:45 -long intro, and the best track of the entire split is about to follow.
"Helga Lost her Head".
A cover of Repulsion's classic. Surprised? A cover being the best track?
Well, you'd better listen to it.
Repulsion is another forgotten pioneer of extreme music.
Most people don't even realize it's a cover, since they don't know Repulsion and they don't own this split on original CD (like the person that added this Split CD this page).
Nevertheless, this track bangs your head like a fucking sledge-hammer. I often sing this song's chorus at parties. It's a death'n'roll track like hell.
Have fun with this album, and if you get a chance - buy the damn CD!
Remember - it's music that really matters!