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Well I mean you know what you're getting here - 71%

Noktorn, March 23rd, 2010

This seems to be one of the more popular 7"s by either of the contained artists, which is something of a feat given the rather lengthy history with the medium that both have.

Nunslaughter opens up with the fast, grinding 'Saw Me', which blitzes through blasts and tremolo riffs without a care in the world, fairly archetypal for Nunslaughter's shorter, more grinding tracks. 'Hell Yawns Before You' is the more measured and deliberate of the two, heavy on the Celtic Frost and some surprisingly melodic and memorable riffing derived from equal parts Hellhammer and Obituary. This pair is clearly designed to reflect the two central sides of the band, and it performs admirably in that regard, even if neither is really an essential Nunslaughter track. But then again, what is? So much of the band's music is essentially interchangeable and designed for underground death metal fans it almost seems wrong to discount or uphold any of it. Either way, if you're a dedicated Nunslaughter fan, you already have this, and if you're not, you probably never will.

Haemorrhage's side proceeds much as any Haemorrhage release does: fast, punky death/grind that worships heavily at the altar of Carcass. The material here is greatly similar to most of the band's mid-era records such as 'Anatomical Inferno', with thrash beats and malevolent tremolo riffs all over the place under the impish, always uniquely sardonic vocal presence of Fernando Errazquin. It's about par for the course for Haemorrhage; all the tracks are fairly similar and none stand out from the pack of the band's catalog, but their brand of death/grind was at this point so industrialized and set in place that who can blame them? The songs are solid and are fun through multiple listens, which is really all you can ask for from these Spaniards.

None of the material on this little record is essential, but it's fun stuff and you can find this item seemingly anywhere for pretty low prices. I think I got my copy for something like $4, and I can't really complain at that rate; all the tracks are solid. Anyway, these two bands have been around the block more than a few times, so you know what you're getting from a 7" from either. Throw it on and enjoy.