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Necrotomy Kem: Becrippling the False Pathologists - 60%

Tlacaxipehualiztli, September 26th, 2013

This ten tracker split has only one hero. And only for the presence of him I bought it. Looking at my reviews on this site it is quite clear that the name of the winner is Haemorrhage. But in spite of it, I’d like to start my review writing something about the weaker side. The German Dead presents four tracks with one cover of Black Task and despite of being for a long time on the metal scene, this is my first meeting with them. Unfortunately the rendezvous really disappointed me. Yes, the sound realization is good, although the drums should be recorded better (they sound too flat), but the most important factor, music, is simply… boring. Yep, they are brutal, the music is based on fast or very fast tempo, yet they try to put some slowing moments into riffs layers and solo leads (“Sloopy Seconds”), vocals are varied from growls, guttural grunts to scream oriented demonstrations. But the riffs construction goes to nowhere. The music is simple, however the monotony kills effectively the overall impression. The entirety seems to be totally emotionless, and this is the biggest drawback beside the boredom. For sure the German performance isn’t saved by porn intros (that make me fucking nervous!), completely stupid lyrics and easy- to- forget cover on the end.

Contrary to this, the Haemorrhage part simply destroys my senses once again. In their morgue, the sick Spaniards fried five songs in smashing gore/grind style and one Sodom cover. And to be honest, in the countless number of such releases, this one is a better kind definitely in their career. As compared to the previous full-length “Apology for Pathology” released in 2006, the band got more underground sound, maybe it is not recorded as Apology, yet it still slays my cells and tissues. Musically I don’t see any surprises, so expect only merciless goregrind. The opening song called “Chainsaw Necrotomy” (with idyllic intro on the start) is a pure killer on the gigs: great clear-cut riffs and perfect slowdown, though the last seconds show the real musical (?) madness too. And for sure this song joins the enormous hall of fame of Haemorrhage gore anthems. Thus I dare say aloud: what a mindblowing opening! But to be honest, I’m not surprised at all listening to such perfect song, the band accustomed me to perform the splendid tunes. And this track is an example for this definitely. The Spaniards combine extremely fast and slower moments in the songs, however mid-paced “Hypochondriac” has a really interesting solo lead as well. And maybe the last offer, “Ausgebombt”, originally executed by thrash metal gods Sodom (as the Spaniards stated in the booklet), is the weakest one on their side. I mean, it isn’t bad, simply the song is correctly played without any highlights. In this place, I’d like to hear another song of Gelsenkirchen crew.

It is very hard to mark this split in one way. I have one great band, while the second is a complete misunderstanding. So, if I want to use the mathematics, the statistics is unappeasable for this record: without Dead songs, I would give even 85. But the most important thing coming straight from this 24 minutes cd is: Haemorrhage is still in fine fettle. From artwork, lyrics to devastating music that flows unobstructed and Lugubrious vocalism. There is no useless move, each instrument has its own place bringing only sonic bestiality I love. Mind you, I’ve been Haemorrhage addict since ages, so I am greatly satisfied that these mad pathologists can satisfy my sick appetite once again. It’s really cool that they are still able to write another gore hits (the title song, “Hypochondriac” or “You Are Not a Pathologist”). And when the last seconds of “Ausgebombt” started to disappear in my auditory meatus, my mind demands another sonic necrotomy. Therefore I push the button again immediately to start to listen to these excellent twenty minutes of pathological Spanish sounds.