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a great forgotten band! - 86%

robert_sun, November 8th, 2006

Hades Almighty had all the chances back then to become a great and respected band in the Black Metal scene. The band was formed in the early 90s, the period of the great Scandinavian BM expansion, they come from Bergen, Norway and guitarplayer Jorn was in prison for burning a church. With all the ingredients of a successful formula and music of great class, is a mystery for me how after many years they are still in the shadows somehow.

If we count the first 2 LPs which came out under the name Hades (they were forced to change their name because of another band that used the same name) this is the 4th album. The Pulse of Decay was released in 2001, so - as you already deduced - this is a re-issued CD, covering also some great bonus material.

Though they are Norwegians, their way of BM differs from the standard Norwegian Black Steel. The first thing what jumps to your mind listening to this album is that the guitarwork carries many thrash metal influences, but evidently all the thrash metal pulsations remaining embedded in a consistent and massive Black Metal sound. The musicians are masters of their instruments, everything is calculated, but without losing the specific Black Metal instinct. Guitarlines are complex, and the bass has an important role, which is a bit unusual in this style. Each song has its own particular feeling and the strange voice of Janto Garmanslund somehow connects the tracks, being aggressive, cold, dark and melodic at the same time. The bonus section is consisted of 2 other Hades Almighty tracks, a fine cover of Bathory’s Each Dawn I Die and a video of Submission Equals Suicide. Well-done!