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Hades Almighty > Pyre Era, Black! > Reviews > Oscar1989
Hades Almighty - Pyre Era, Black!

Pyre Era, Black! Pyre Era, NICE! - 90%

Oscar1989, October 30th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

I must admit I felt an uncontrollable joy when I found out about the new material coming from one of the Bergen's finest creations, Hades Almighty. It made me feel like a child again and I couldn't wait to hear Pyre Era, Black! in full. First new music in 14 years and Ask Ty of Kampfar and Kraków now contributing as a vocalist sounded exciting, but was it worth the long wait?

It has to be said that the band gained a lot of freshness and contemporary character which is an obvious occurrence. It's great to see, however, how the original Hades spirit has remained unspoiled after so long. All the vibes, all the qualities stay in place. Is it the same band? No, it's an improved outfit that draws a lot from years of experience.

Pyre Era, Black! treats you with some progressive elements and the overall feel seems to be a little bit experimental but not to extent which would confuse listeners. Occasional quick or mid-paced sections give way to more subtle or sophisticated passages that create a rather unique composition. In comparison to the 2001 release - The Pulse of Decay the sound is more mature and balanced which is another obvious circumstance. Also, I think that employing Ask Ty of Kampfar was definitely a good decision resulting in some extra character added to the band.

I think that creating riffs as good as the main one in Funeral Storm should be illegal. No, seriously, I think it's one of the best sounds I've heard in ages! The way the song is building up the atmosphere to attack the listener with no mercy is just incredible. The main theme is a quintessence of the returning Hades Almighty perfectly enclosing the band's essence. It also proves that Jørn's skills and inventiveness did not sink anywhere in Styx and he is ready to strike back again.

The mesmerizing and even calmative ending of Pyre Era, Black! unveils its drawback. I think that the only disadvantage of the new release is the fact that it's not a full album. But wait patiently and you shall be rewarded! I think it is a good indicator of things to come. Comeback of the year? Quite possibly...

Originally written for The Goat Tavern