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Boring nonsense - 42%

psychosisholocausto, May 12th, 2013

As thrash was peaking from 1986 to 1991, there really was no room for the mediocre band, and Hades showed this with their 1987 debut. The funny thing is that it only went down hill from here until they finally released a solid album with their 2001 effort. The band suffers from a lack of originality in every frontier, with predictable song structures, boring riff work and uninspired, pedestrian drumming that just sounds like nearly every other fast-paced thrash band of their day. Everything about their debut album Resisting Success just screams "rip-off".

Their guitar work follows the thrash pattern of abusing tremolo picking and the occasional chord-based riff or pull-off based riff and this would be all fine and dandy if it had not been done to death by now. Slayer had released Reign In Blood, Dark Angel's Darkness Descends was on shelf, Metalica's chord-heavy Master Of Puppets had been released a year previously. There really was no room anywhere on anyone's shelves for Hades' boring debut. There are the occasional good riffs that stick out, such as on the song Masque Of The Red Death and the slowest riff to the title track but aside from this the band just sounds mundane and tired. The soloing is the same-old nonsense from thrash metal-let's all shred as fast as we can.

The drumming and vocals are boring, with the drummer knowing literally two beats and the vocalist just never really striving to stand out at all. The production does not really help this either as the drums completely dominate the mix so that ANY enjoyment that could be gained from the guitars and even the bass work can not be heard at all. The songs themselves follow the same verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure that has been done to death and the album drags on too long. Most of the songs here are really not needed at all and only drag the album down. It would be better served as just a three or four track EP. Legal Tender is the worst offender here, with snooze-inducing riffing being taken to monumental heights here and it is guaranteed to send you to sleep.

Resisting Success is not particularly an awful album at all, it just never threatens to set the world alight. It really does not have a whole lot of substance to it nor consistency, plus it is far too generic.