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Mediocrity - 3%

fireandwater, May 12th, 2009

Here is a brief review of the last demo of this band. Of course this is a demo of an underground band, so I will primary focus on the composing quality, instead of talking about how bad the recording quality is.

All the songs sound exactly the same: a bad carbon-copy of some 80’s thrash metal bands (Sodom, Kreator, and first Metallica are the first names that come in my mind). A couple of riffs that you have already heard hundreds and hundreds of times, some extremely classical drum patterns (made with some skill, I have to admit), uninspired bass and the worst vocals you would expect: this is a sum of the songs in this demo. What does not work, in my opinion, are the guitar riffs (boring, almost unlistenable, with terribly unexpressives melodies and structures) but, in particular, vocals: some random grunting made by a childish voice, trying to imitate the classical 80’s thrash metal singing (Tom Angelripper, for example), but totally failing with it. The singer always keeps the same rhythm patterns over the songs, and lyrics are brief phrases in some kind of language that is difficult to recognize as English.

“Harvester of Sorrow” (the name of the band itself shows how the lack of originality is deeply rooted in this band) should concentrate much more on songwriting before releasing something else: the lack of quality is enormous, even for a classic thrash metal band from the underground.