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Hëssler > Bad Blood > Reviews > GraveWish
Hëssler - Bad Blood

Straight From the Heavy Metal Vault! - 69%

GraveWish, October 28th, 2011

Hëssler is an upcoming traditional heavy metal band from Chicago, Illinois that few have heard of, yet phenomenal particularly on first listen! I really didn’t know what to expect when I first played the disc but the music got me completely impressed. Let’s consider someone asked you to briefly describe a particular metal album. Your description can be a few words, a sentence, or even just a single word. In our case, “Bad Blood” can be simply described by “old-school”! It goes without saying that if the old-school didn't pave the way, none of those talented new metal releases may be heard today. Herein a brief review of certain topics concerning “Bad Blood” will be given which will help in both, introducing the band and understanding the work presented in their first official release.

The packaging for the disc is a digipak with Lariyah Daniels’ sexy photography on cover… Yes, sex sells. Musically, the first and foremost advantage of this album is a high number of undeniably catchy guitar riffs. In effect, guitar-wizardry is evident here with a tremendous bunch of guitar solos. Another thing that impressed me the most about this EP is the vocals. Hëssler is fronted by the gorgeous vocalist and model Lariyah Daniels. She is certainly a powerful female vocalist and completely delivers on all levels. Her vocals range from typical traditional heavy metal to a more melodic sound reminiscent of gothic inspired metal bands. The quick and loud drumming add plenty of heaviness to the EP. In my point of view, they are done right and perfectly fit the album’s overall tone. Bass is hardly heard in some songs and usually follows the guitars while in others they are completely merged with the drums. Generally, This EP is still very much in a similar vein to any classic heavy metal release. Therefore it lacks creativity. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important negative points about “Bad Blood”.

Overall, this is a promising debut release and an average non-disappointing introduction for the band. Moreover, Hëssler has long way to go in order to reach music perfection. If you like old-school fashioned heavy metal, “Bad Blood” is certainly a non-regrettable addition to your music collection. This EP is also advised to any open-minded metal fan who enjoys discovering new talents.

Highlights: Shark Attack, Windy City Wild Child, Bad Blood.