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how can you not love this? - 95%

mikewho, April 10th, 2005

On this album, GWAR finally starts writing real songs that are much heavier than in the past. They're still funny and completely not serious, but the musicianship is much higher. From the first real song on the album, "Battle Lust", you know it's for real. Oderus has a great heavy metal voice, and makes full use of it. He really sounds evil as he spits out his hilarious/gruesome lyrics, and the comedy is still there, like when he sings "...don't even pause to perspire", then the music stops and he continues on with "well...maybe a little bit." The next song, "Abyss of Woe", is one of the best. Beefcake has a really nice bassline in the beginning, and the song has got background "Whooaaahhh"s in it, which are great for singing along to. The next two songs, "Anti-Anti Christ" and "The Apes of Wrath" are some of the best songs GWAR has made. "The Apes of Wrath" is probably the heaviest on the album. It sounds downright thrashy, and is a generally aggressive song-all the elements come together well.

Violene Has Arrived's highlight is undoubtedly "Immortal Corrupter." It is by far the best song on the album, and probably the best song GWAR has ever written. It starts off with a mellow acoustic intro, and the bass comes in too before the song gets heavy. Beefcake's playing on this album is shown the best on this song, and is much better than typical metal bass that's just following the guitars and lost in the mix. The track also features some of GWAR's first double bass, as well as a really crunchy guitar tone, and even a guitar solo. The guitar in general is really great on this song; it features some of the best riffage on the whole album, a mix of 80s thrash metal with newer sounding stuff.

After this song, the rest of the album seems like an after thought. They're good, especially "Beateous Rot" and "Happy Death Day", but it's hard to compare with the first half of the album. It doesn't matter though, as the album as whole kicks ass and shows that GWAR is much more serious now, and not going anywhere.