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Crystal Meth In Tiny Packets! - 88%

maggotsoldier626, February 7th, 2011

This is possibly Gwar's best album to date. I knew when I grabbed this album it couldn't get much better than their last release, Beyond Hell, but guess fuckin did!

Lust In Space has it all. It’s got the thrashy riffs, the thick bass lines, killer drumming, and of course Oderus' amazing voice. There is non-stop thrashing on this one. The technicalities of the riffs are great. Almost has sort of a groove going in some songs. It's pretty much impossible to not like this album.

At certain points you can sense they still have their older punk like appeal.Such as the track "The Uberklaw . And they surprisingly opened with an acoustic intro which is perfect because it literally sounds like you’re lost in space. At one point it has a metalcore breakdown, but that soon changes. Then the merciless slaughter continues. Cory and Mike did a great job with the guitars, and Cory also does a good job with the vocals on "Release the Flies", just as well as Casey did on "The Price of Peace".

Brad does a good job by not doing the typical thrash drum beat. He mixes it up on pretty much every song. Although the bass isn't to audible on most of the album, every few song you will hear it, and when you do it sounds really good. And of course the lyrics are always ridiculous, but on this album it fits really well with all the thrashing that's going on, much like Gama Bomb.

Overall this is a really, really good album, even if you never have listened to Gwar in the past, I highly recommend you buy this one. Every aspect of music is good on this release and I somehow forgot to mention that it's a constant headbanger, no matter what track.