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Gwar and hardcore punk in one! - 80%

overkill666, May 17th, 2009

Latex suits and alien aesthetics? What? Yeah, that's GWAR. They're very recognizable in the metal scene, especially for their costumes. But, what about the music? This release is nothing like any of their later works. I'm sure the punksters our there might even get into this.

I'm not exactly sure when GWAR stopped being Death Piggy, but I assume some of this music was written in the Death Piggy era. The music is heavily hardcore punk sounding, which is great because I'm a hardcore fan. The songs are short, and the guitar riffs are primitive. Everything you have come to love about GWAR starts with this release. Another cool thing about this one is that the bass guitar plays a much bigger role in the music than in later works. It cuts right to the top of the mix, much like bands such as Jerry's Kids. This album is actually not very metal at all, but the songs end up sounding more complex than a normal 80's hardcore punk song. Oh, how about them themes and lyrics? They're still here, and even more rowdy. If the general public doesn't care about the uniforms, it's the non serious lyrics that gets them. With such songs as 'I'm In Love with a Dead Dog' and 'Slutman City', it's really hard to take them seriously. Though, if you take them too seriously, you're really not listening to the music in the right way. GWAR is really meant to be taken very lighthearted. Usually I laugh at people when they complain about these aspects of the band.

Well then. 'Hell-O' is a very good release, especially for anyone looking for a good time. Punkers and metalheads unite, come together and get pillaged by the GWAR crew. It would be nice to see GWAR touch up on this style again, it'd be one hell of a listen