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Great brutal EP. - 80%

TheHornyPriest, June 4th, 2005

I found this one day off ebay, looked through a few reviews and I've had this album for about a year and a half now. Needless to say this EP has been burned and passed on to multiple friends. Now onto the review.

Track 1:Slit Into Succulence - Kicks off with one of those expected brutal DM intros that we're all used to and lets be frank about it, we all love 'em. The band quickly slams into a rather moshy/discordance wall of brutality. Guttural spews are shot forth, double bass is thrown about and the brutality begins.
Somewhat redundant track 'til about a minute in a half into it a few riffs start to come in and it starts getting interesting. I wouldn't say this is their memorable track but it's not bad for a first track off an EP. I won't go into utter detail of this track because it's not that memorable. Onto the next track.

Track 2:Ejaculating Obesity - Spews off immediatly with guttural blasts, double bass kicks and heavy bass. Drums are rather good on this track as are the guitars, this track is kept pretty interesting. Alot more memorable than the first track, though this track can get rather redundant also. Lots of good mosh breakdowns.

Track 3:Incestuous Refiguration - Starts off with a good intro to get you in the mood. This track is kept really fucking brutal, double bass, spews. Chunky riffs, you name it. This is indeed an intense track. Dual vocals are heavier in this track. Again there's a few mosh breakdowns in this track. So at this point if you don't enjoy mosh breakdowns, don't pickup this album.

Track 4:Visected In Vaginal Bile - "GET YOUR FUCKING PANTS DOWN, YOU FUCKIN' CUNT" Heh heh, I love this intro. Kicks off immediatly with heavy downtuned guitars, guttural spews and tons of bass. There's also alot more interesting vocals in this song than the others, my favorite track off this EP. All in all a pretty good track, keeps my attention far more than the rest.

I'd recommend this album for anyone heavily into the DM or Gore scene. Though I wouldn't pay $12 bucks for it like I did...still a pretty damn good EP though.