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Gutted - Martyr Creation - 93%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 15th, 2018

After having stumbled across the stream of this album I had to check out the band in the world wide web to gather further information. Having never heard of them before I have been surprised to find out that those Hungarian Death Metal warriors had been formed 2 decades ago and “Martyr Creation” is already their fourth full-length album. After having spent a bit of time with “Martyr Creation” I have to wonder why they are not a bigger name in the scene.

Being named after a Cannibal Corpse song it is pretty obvious where this will be going. Very heavy and intensely played Death Metal is what is on offer here. Younger metal heads might call it Brutal Death Metal but to me Gutted sound like a great combination of the more extreme US bands like the mentioned Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation and some Grind-influenced bands like e.g. Napalm Death. The bleakness of the whole affair reminds a bit of the dark atmosphere to be found on several Immolation releases.

Most tracks are very fast and the instrumentation is brutal and very technical for the majority of the album. The guitars are shredding with only a few chugging or slowed-down chords and the drums keep firing like machine guns. Some of the lead guitar parts are really sick with crazy-sounding harmonies running the musical scale up and down at the speed of light.

Gutted have a few surprises for the listener though. For example there are calm and acoustic parts in “Deeper Than Hell” with symphonic elements in the background. However, the illusion of a peaceful atmosphere does not last longer than a few moments before the merciless riffs and the relentless drums are back again tormenting the brain cells once more.

The experience of nearly 20 years shows within the songwriting as all these technical and brutal elements are woven into stringent compositions. While there is nothing catchy or hooky about Gutted’s music they managed to create several moments that are memorable and have a certain recognition value. The whole album feels like one continuous tour de force with the intensity level being raised from beginning until the end.

The vocals are another highlight here with singer Sándor roaring like an angry beast from ancient times. His delivery is on point and while his growling is very aggressive each word can be perfectly understood. His tone perfectly fits the music adding another layer of intensity.

The production is filthy and powerful. The mix is not too clean and especially the drums have a certain rawness underlining the Oldschool feeling of this record. Rounded off by a mystic and fitting artwork “Martyr Creation” for sure is one of the best records having been released in the extreme end of the genre within the past few years. Tradition and brutality are merged into a fascinating listen but be warned: This record is not for the faint-hearted.