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A great revelation in gore grind - 92%

Fatal_Trauma, May 31st, 2007

Before you listen to this record, read the lyrics and behold the twisted perversion that is Gutrot. If you are a fan of gore grind, then you are in luck, because these are the ones that take all. With insane blast beats, crunching riffs, and earsplitting vomit vocals, they are a genre all their own.

While the songs aren’t that long, the riffs repetitive, and trashcan drumming a lot, they still do retain the creative aspect that most grind bands cannot grasp. And the lyrical content is definitely unique. I witnessed them live, and I was not sure what to think when he said, “This song is called Fatal Anal Penetration”. However, they are still present and well liked in the Detroit death underground.

If you can find this album anywhere for sale and you like death grind, then this is a must have for your collection.

Better songs: Fatal Anal Penetration, Tea Bagging the Dead, Cock-Snot Covered Twat
Worse songs: Gorging on Menstrual Chunks, Incestual Rim Job

Could've been great, but... - 70%

Kanwvlf, July 7th, 2004

First off, before even listening to this, read the lyrics. You'll see that Gutrot write the sickest, most twisted and greatest lyrics ever. See: Teabagging The Dead. So, when I listened to this, I expected to hear the lyrics, but instead the vocalist sees fit to just burp them all out, and that completely ruins it for me.

Also, on the Gutrot, sometimes the drums sound so much like they're taking the piss. Half the time they're really tinny (St. Anger style), and the rest of the time they're pretty much normal blast beating.

Now, the Dysentery is pretty much the same type of music as Gutrot, but it is performed so much better, and the drums don't sound like ass. The vocalist has a much better burpgrowl, and the guitarists can riff a Hell of a lot better. Easily the better of these two bands.

Stand-out tracks would be;

Gutrot: Teabagging The Dead, Cock Snot Covered Twat

Dysentery: Fetal Dismemberment, Genocidal God, Legless And Helpless