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Gulch - Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath

Not your typical hoodie brand - 80%

raspberrysoda, October 28th, 2021

It starts with a faint lofi beat, and then a drum fill. And then it starts. The goddamn skank beat.

It's as if Discharge got stoned and started playing slow, listened to plenty of meaty OSDM and beatdown hardcore, and decided to record an EP. Its atmosphere is exactly what you'd expect from a musical description like this, and you won't wish for anything else once these 13 minutes are over. It has riffs. They are killer. It has skank beats, all over it, and it works. The vocals are absolutely insane, and their commanding and hectic nature almost make them sound threatening. The bass is bouncy and heavy. What else can one want from a piece of heavy music?

The burning desire to grab the listener while listening to this EP comes to shape with an excessive, but perfected, use of hooks. Recording songs these moshable, catchy, heavy and energetic at the same time requires the songwriter to tread familiar territories while still retaining the fresh aspect of the music. Which is exactly what Gulch meant by releasing this EP. The endless skank beat, the knuckle dragging riffs, the crowdkill-friendly breakdowns, and the grunts, screams, and growls, all come in place and aren't overdone for even a single second. Choosing such a short run time was an excellent decision, because Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath is as short and sweet as it is powerful, captivating, and dangerous. All the fun and live-ready traits of all of Gulch's influences were extracted into this as well, and it works. Few are the pieces of recorded music that have such a threatening and aggressive aura, and with how live this EP sounds, it definitely fits the category - and reigns supreme in its top examples.

The only issue with this EP is that its duration time ends in what feels like a blink of an eye, without remembering much of its musical substance. The atmosphere and attitude substitute these things perfectly, since they are the main things Gulch wanted to deliver - which they definitely did. Very recommended.