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You Can’t Always Reinvent the Wheel - 30%

Five_Nails, August 17th, 2010

Guillotine’s first demo, “Satanic Salutations” is played in a very straightforward blackened thrash style reminiscent of Sodom with barely audible double bass kicking, and pretty simple drumming throughout, nearly the same riff style in both songs, and vocals that sound like Tom Angelripper from Sodom.

Both songs on this demo are pretty catchy and have the raw delivery expected of black metal with the pacing and intensity of thrash, but there really isn’t much there after that. By listen two, I had heard just about everything this demo had to offer and it really wasn’t much more after the first listen. There are a few good licks here and there and the hypnotic cycling sound of “First in Hell” comes off well until the lyrics begin chanting “I’m a blasphemer” which took me out of the song because of its similarity a twenty-six year old Sodom song.

As important as the old sound is to today’s metal, the best way to pay homage to those genre defining bands who are still touring, writing, and playing music would be to listen to it, understand it, take influences from it and cover it in one’s own original band rather than to take the step backwards and try to reinvent the already perfected wheels of their styles. With their first demo, Guillotine does little more than retread the blackened thrash metal tire with such apparent rough simplicity.