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Slightly seduced - 74%

3415, November 28th, 2004

This debut album from Swedish outfit Guidance of sin is in actual fact a collection of their two demos put together on one disc, but it works well nonetheless. The music is a variation of death metal, imagine early Paradise Lost and Entombed in a fist-fight and you’re not far from the truth. The songs are well driven and have a slightly original feel to them; there is good variation between the songs without losing their own identity along the way.

Vocalist Leini has a magnificent growling voice that gets the songs rocking, on “Soul disparity” he really gnarls away. The guitars are crunchy and drive the songs forward in a good way. The latter part of the album is slightly faster and more inspiring, with final track “The god who didn’t forgive” grabbing top marks.

The band have created some fine metal on this release.