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Guardians of the Flame - Under a Savage Sky

Great return from Jack Starr! - 85%

Benign_Hypocrite, August 29th, 2003

Jack Starr is one of the most charismatic guitarists in the heavy metal scene.
He was the guitar player of Virgin Steele in their first two magnifical albums "Virgin Steele" and "Guardians Of The Flame".
He is also known from the Burning Starr project.Jack Starr decided to form a new band with the name "Jack Starr's Guardians Of The Flame" and he
succeeded.The line-up is the following, Shmoulik Avigal on vocals who was member of The Rods,Picture and Horizon.The bass player is Ned Meloni,a friend of Jack Starr
from the Burning Starr project days.The drummer is Joe Hasselvander who plays in Raven too.So you realise that the mucisians are all into heavy metal scene for years.
When i first listened to this album i realised that Jack Starr has created something full of heaviness the pure heavy metal spirit burns inside this man!He has been away for years
but now he is back with a tearing album.The album starts with the heavy/epic song "The Flame That Never Dies" this song contains a great heavy riff and ripping solos from Jack Starr.
The second track "Conspiratos Sanctos" is also very good,this song starts with a fabulous melodic heavy riff.Furthermore the album continues with superb heavy songs.The third song "Cry For Dawn" is one of my favourites
it has all that make a metal song perfect,speed,power and great solos.The fourth track "Anthem For The Nations" is an instrumental masterpiece from Jack Starr full of great rhythm changes and solos.
The album keeps on with awesome songs such as "Under A Savage Sky".However some songs like "Sharon Of The Woods","I Stand Alone" and "Masters Of Fate" are lengthen too much and the vocals of Shmoulik Avigal sometimes don't fit with the music.
Apart from these i can assure you that the album is very good and i can't wait Jack Starr to release a new album.I think that we need more of these pure heavy metal works.