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Gore Galore vs. Bore Galore - 70%

rebecca, March 19th, 2006

Polish sikfuks Patologicum have just released this new split with India’s Gruesome Malady, unleashing 9 amazing tracks absolutely seeping with the septic full-on goregrind that’s now become a standard from Patologicum. These guys haven’t disappointed me yet and have quickly risen to be one of my favourite bands lately, with a constant flow of killer releases including an unreal full length “Hecatomb of Aberration”, two splits with Necrocannibal, Parricide and Deformed all under their belt, and now this killer split with Gruesome Malady (Ill get to these guys in later on).

Patologicum's style hasn’t changed a hell of a lot through these releases; Harsh, Abrasive goregrind dripping straight from the bowels of bands like Lymphatic Phlegm, early Last Days of Humanity and really early Dead Infection.

Low-end, phat, chuggy riffs usually building up to frantic blasts and out of sync gurgles, some of the most hideous vocals I’ve heard from Piotr yet. Some of the newer school goregrind bands like Anal Whore/Anal Penetration and these types of bands seem to be attempting a similar style to Patologicum but due to Patologicum’s raw feel and real drumming (although heavily triggered), these bands kind of pale in comparison and in general Patologicum tends to top the majority of goregrind coming out at the moment.
The standard Patologicum long-ass intros are back again, my initial annoyance with them is kinda fading into acceptance now considering this might as well be a package deal with these guys sound now. I can’t fault Patologicums side of this split or Patologicum on the whole. One of THE sickest goregrind acts around and 9 gruesome tracks of this shit leaves me wanting a fuckload more.

Buuuuut instead – I get Gruesome Malady. For those unfamiliar, these guys don’t have the best track records. One split with Mortuary Hacking Session and a full length, both of which as much of a mess as the other. Not unlike their side of this split. How they managed to get together on a split with a killer band like Patologicum surprises me.
I guess in their defence, at least they don’t sound like anyone else? I don’t know, I just really don’t understand the concept of musical masturbation, and over the top wankery put along to goregrind.
The only saving grace was ‘supposed’ to be an Impetigo cover (Yup, you guessed it – Boneyard), which they managed to suffocate with crap as well. Apparently these guys have a real drummer too, fuck knows how that works, the whole side is totally noisy and unstructured and tediously chaotic. This split is definitely worth picking up if only for the severe goregrind massacre that Patologicum bring to it, although next time I’d hope for a band those complements them better than Gruesome Malady can.