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Pennsylvania Progressive Funeral Doom - 75%

Goatfangs, June 13th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2008, CD, Independent (Pro-printed CD-R)

During my first deep dive of funeral doom, I uncovered a lot of obscure releases. I felt like an explorer, delving into an ancient temple and discovering secrets of forbidden knowledge. Or this is really just the result of two guys who wanted to make a funeral doom album.

This isn't any ordinary funeral doom album though. The execution is not entirely perfect, there are times when everything isn't quite in time (especially, and frustratingly, during Satyr's Grove, the nearly half hour epic that starts off this opus). However, this presents some very compelling ideas. I would describe the genre to be a fusion of melodic Candlemass style Epic Doom with funeral doom in the style of Thergothon and Skepticism with keyboards as a dominant instrument. Maybe at times Epic Doom that is just epically slow. Add in some progressive rock/metal trappings and you get this.

Vocals here are definitely more influenced by Candlemass and company, there aren't a lot of death growls. This album is also pretty slow paced at times, especially during Satyr's Grove. That song starts off strong, becomes quiet for a while, then steadily builds up to an almost awesome crescendo that is frustratingly off-time just by the slightest degree that it is noticeable.

There are certainly some weird moments to be found in this though. The title track has a strange sample of some kind of donkey going HEE HAW or something. Shadows From Outer Space is an instrumental that sounds better suited to some kind of groovy prog-rock album. Ultimately this album ends on a strong note, I consider Call of Cthulhu to be the best song on here. At least it is my favorite with a catchy keyboard melody.

This opus is a demo, which tells me that the two guys involved planned on writing a proper album with a tighter production and less awkward slightly but annoyingly off-time moments. I just wish that they continued with this project, since this shows so much promise and potential.