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Ground Control - Insanity

Headache material - 0%

Nightwalker, September 16th, 2007

So, when a band is promoted as playing thrash, you expect to get thrash, right? Damn, I was naieve in believing Alessio would be able to sound thrashy, 'cause really? He can't. Ground Control is the thrash side-project of Alessio Garavello (voice of Arthemis and Power Quest), and what a terrible decision this was!

First of all, thrash should sound raw and violent, that's one of the basic principles of the genre. This doesn't sound raw, nor violent... at all. What this really is, is music played like power metal with some thrashy influences, and just a little bit more raw vocals than his other two power bands. What was he thinking? Alessio is one of my favorite voices in the genre. Power Quest's first album is a masterpiece compared to other melodic power metal. But when you hear him doing stuff like this, you just cannot defend him anymore. While in the power metal genre his vocalistic emotion and sensitivity that reflect in his music, are a huge advantage, this cannot be said about just the same way he handles his voice within the thrash metal genre. A completely raped and tortured cover of Anthrax's "Metal Thrashing Mad" doesn't make up for it, as you can believe. Hell, I get headaches just by listening to this album, it's by far the worst stuff I heard in months... Alessio, go back on finishing your next Power Quest album!

I shall not make any words more dirty on reviewing this disc, as it really isn't worth it. It's just too much to ask for listening to this album, and asking me to review it on a more professional level, I hope there are people who will sacrifice themselves to do it, but me... no.