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Demonic Inquisition - Grotesque Ceremony - 92%

Edmund Sackbauer, June 16th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Satanath Records (Limited edition)

Batu Cetin is a busy man. While I do not know too many Metal groups from Turkey Batu is the founder of Cenotaph which as far as I can judge is one of the better known ones. Although playing in some other bands as well he took the time to create the project Grotesque Ceremony and record the debut “Demonic Inquisition”.

While Cenotaph are a Brutal Tech Death Metal band Batu has chosen to go a different route with Grotesque Ceremony. This is still some brutal and heavy shit but although there is also some technical prowess on display here “Demonic Inquisition” is cut from a different cloth. What we have here is some absolutely putrid and filthy Old School Death Metal that has been buried long ago in a rotten grave and has been exhumed decades later. The sound is as dirty and brooding as it can be and that might not be to everybody’s taste.

From the first track “Defiled Spirits Of Unholy Torments” buzzing guitars are crawling through the speakers. Most of the tracks are held in mid-tempo or even slower making the whole record feel viscid and quirky. There are only a few sections where things get a bit faster just to get back to the speed of a crawling corpse again. It has to be given credit to Batu that the album does not get boring over the running time of 42 minutes despite the relative lack of tempo changes. He is a veteran knowing how to keep things fresh by adding small twists and surprises in the songwriting department.

Batu has done everything by himself here. He has been responsible for the whole instrumentation as well as for the vocals. Speaking of which without the snarling tones using at Cenotaph he sounds even more evil constantly roaring like an ancient beast.

Generally speaking I am a sucker for albums that have a stringent overall concept. This surely is the case here: From the Old School production sound to the black-white cover artwork and the lyrics this is just an atmospheric an dark little piece of art.

I for one hope that Batu will find time to record a follow-up rather sooner than later.