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Rough Around The Edges, But Worthy - 72%

Erin_Fox, October 29th, 2006

On “Happiness – It’s When You’re Dead," the listener will uncover grim black metal that is played with a traditional metal backbone, as members Nabath (vocals) and Baalberith (all music) bring their decidedly darkened symphonies to light on eight punishing tracks designed to praise the dark nature of man’s spirit.

The lyrics are included in Russian and Ukranian, but a handful of the poems have been translated to English for those who can’t decipher the Russian alphabet. The music here is appropriately dreary”Seeds And Bones” prompts haunting flurries and features diabolically inspired chants that are performed with a supernatural intensity.

The highlight of the album is the shadowy “In The Trap Of Life”, where Nabath vocalizes with an unabashed vehemence, while musically, this track is rumbling, bassy and distant. This approach keeps the music of Gromm decidedly without color as a furious sonic war erupts between the darkness and the light as this record continues through a desolate metamorphosis, becoming an appropriate symphony of unlight from which none are spared.

Although the albums production is very muddy, this tends to enhance the sound of Gromm rather than detract from it, making this record a blissful occasion for those who wish to be immersed in entirely unforgiving occult metal.