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Shit! What did just happen...? - 88%

evermetal, October 27th, 2009

Many fans were not surprised by Lombardo’s decision to abandon Slayer back in 1993 though none wished for it.. The reason was that Slayer wanted to go on tour while Lombardo couldn’t due to his wife’s pregnancy. So slayer decided to go on tour with another drummer. That was it. Their paths were separated. Shortly after, Lombardo participated in a project called Voodoocult with Chuck Schuldiner of Death, where he got some new experiences. It was obvious that he yearned to form his own band where he would have the upper hand on the decisions of how they should sound. So in the middle of 1994 he formed Grip Inc. along with three other great musicians, Sorychta, Chambers and Viebrooks. Soon their debut was released with the title Power of Inner Strength. It was a kiss of life for the genre of modern thrash metal.

Power of… is a great album, a titanic energy that possesses the force of the meteor that exploded in Siberia in 1908. it holds the force of all nuclear testings that have taken place in Nevada and creates a feeling of panic. These are a few words that are able to describe this exhibit of modern thrash which has brilliant guitars, proper vocals and is a seminar for drum playing. Without any annoying nostalgia for the past, Grip show their tendency towards extreme and bothering for sensitive ears heavy metal.

From the first moment to the last Grip do only one thing and that is to thrash! Hostage to Heaven and Ostracized are two metal blasters with razor-sharp riffs, paranoid solos and the familiar killing drum smashing of Lombardo. Gus Chambers may not be screaming like Araya but his singing is fucking aggressive and strong. Their energy will force against the wall and tear you apart.

Guilty of Innocence and Heretic War Chant come to obliterate anyone who is unaware of Grip’s tremendous, pounding rhythm. The many sudden breaks become the band’s trademark and the riffs keep pointing to your poor little brain. Lombardo IS the best drummer in thrash metal and with his beats he leaves no chance for his rivals.

There is not even one dull song in this colossal creation of Grip. Nothing to make you claim they are false. This album honors its composers and makes Lombardo proud of it. Should anyone ask you if thrash metal is alive, you know what your answer has to be!