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Nemesis not good! - 62%

PowerMetalGuardian, January 13th, 2005

This is my first taste of Grip Inc., so I wont be able to compare it to old or new material. Nemesis uses a different variety of themes, broken into first and second halves. The album starts off pretty good, but then declines into utter crap. So overall, Grip Inc.'s second stab at a good metal album fails!

We start off with some pretty awesome songs. Pathetic Liar and Portrait Henry have some pretty well crafted riffs. After the track War Between One, the guitar riffs get pretty sloppy. There are really no memorable moments after this track, save for the opening riff of Silent Stranger. It's like they just gave up half way through the album. Plus there are hardly any solos, and way to many guitar effects, which lakes in the beginning. This is especially true for songs like Myth or Man and The Summoning. It would be alright if it was every know and then, but the effects are completely overkill.

One thing I enjoy about this album comes from the songs Empress (of Rancor) and Descending Darkness. Empress offers a clean evil sounding riff with a bad ass bass line and some great drumming. It really gives an evil mood, and I love when music can create atmosphere and tension. Descending Darkness is really a two minute intro to the next song, War Between One. Once again we have a bad ass bass line with good drumming, but this time we have some synthesizers that add a lot of mood and character to the song. Add a muffled spoken part and some cool keyboards and you have one awesome intro!

Other than the things I have mentioned above the album is pretty much junk. Most of these songs are mediocre, if even that. The first half of the album will keep you interested, but then you will fall asleep. At least Dave's drumming stays constantly good throughout the whole album. The singing, in my opinion is pretty bad. It sounds like forced Slayer-ish vocals, with occasional James Hetfield gr's! I wouldn't bother picking this album up, unless you find it cheap like I did.