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It's not supposed to be Slayer - 87%

DarkEyesofSorrow, July 29th, 2003

The title gives reference to Dave Lombardo, who's after-slayer, testament days plays in a more traditional style metal than the speed riffages of his former bands. Traditional is hardly what it is die-hard Lombardo fans and probably admiring drummers, its really not impressive compared know.....but the metal is quite strong and in your face. Waldemar Sorychta (guitarist) mixes the tracks so you can definately hear his crunch. While Gus Chambers (vocals) is not anything "special / unique", he offers a good raspy grind to the songs. (anyone looking for operatic, high voiced bands need not apply here) If I could hear Jason Viebrooks on bass I'd critique it too....but its definately back there. (headphones)

The songs do, at times, take on a anthem-like build-up song Scream at the Sky (about hanger 18? Megadeth...not hardly), Descending Darkness & Rusty Nail are winners there

A really good kick you in the ass metal...(no NOT SLAYER) but, it does give a good crunch.......(those looking for progressive gods need not apply)

Waldemar does possess some hintage of slayer-esqeness (as well as Lombardo - drummer god) on the song War Between One. Most Slayer fans will like that well enough.

When all is said and done the album changes pace enough for me, and has enough of its fast paced, as well as grinding slower songs, to keep me interested; and not lacking for being bulldozed with guitar riffs that are produced to be in you face, simplistic but effective.