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Grimnir / Mordgrund - Mordgrund / Grimnir

Successful collaboration - 75%

Felix 1666, September 17th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2005, 7" vinyl, Ostfront (Limited edition)

If you like to listen to rough black metal from the European underground, you will feel comfortable with this vinyl. The German-Austrian cooperation presents a more than solid record.

First of all, the appearance fits. Both covers clearly show what the listener can expect. And these expectations will be met. Grimnir deliver two very different songs. "Am Grab" is an elegiac lamentation, accompanied by mournful female vocals. This contrasts with the harsh "Nachtfirmament" which shows the influence of the omnipresent Scandinavian scene. Icy guitars and high speed drums barrel along like a blizzard, interrupted by mid-paced and almost melodic parts. The extremely distorted voice contributes to the sinister atmosphere while the production sounds the way it should be. Well, it is definitely not perfect. As is so often the case, the rattling drums are not entirely convincing. But we are talking about a low-budget record that was disgorged by the darkest depths of the underground, not about a media-hyped output of a major label.

Mordgrund perform only one song. It is similar to GrimnirĀ“s "Nachtfirmament" because it follows the same pattern. Once again, the Scandinavian pioneers have left its mark. In accordance with its title, "Laudate Satanum" is opened by an adoration of the devil. But the dark ritual is finished soon and the band rushes through the whole range of genuine black metal in just one song: rapid parts, mid-tempo, an acoustic break and a dramatic ending. The voice sounds less inhumane, naturally without showing any signs of singing in the traditional sense. It is just a normal black metal vocal performance - and that suits me well. While the guitar lines are as cold as ice one more time, the production sounds a bit more powerful than that of Grimnir.

All in all, I cannot see great quality differences between the contributions of both bands. They play enthusiastically and reach a professional level. I can therefore only regret that just 400 copies were produced. The music would have deserved a wider dissemination.