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Came Out of Nowhere - 90%

Madman, June 30th, 2004

On the heels of Immortal's disbanding we have Horgh's (drums) new band, Grimfist. Also in the band is Frediablo (vocals) who has made a name for himself with his own band Gorelord as well as joining long running death metal band Necrophagia and being a part of the black metal group Wurdulak. On guitars and bass it's Ole Walaunet from the groove/death/thrash metal band Deride. A nice talented bunch, with a group like this you have to expect something awesome.

And that's what we get, a real awesome death/black/groove album... yes, a nice decent mix of all 3. All of the music here was written by Ole Walaunet and Horgh and it shows. Musically there's a lot that can be likened to Deride, especially the groove. Guitar wise Walaunet is more than adequate but I would have liked to have heard a few more solos, he's obviously a better than average guitar player. Horgh is great on drums, just as good here as his work with Immortal. He doesn't saturate the music with blastbeats like many other drummers would, he adds more straight double bass beats to give things more groove than blastbeats are capable of.

Frediablo wrote all the lyrics and vocal arrangements and it's a bit of a surprise as the gore lyrics he usually writes are dismissed for more "typical" metal lyrics. Songs about heavy metal, religion, and aggression are used for the most part. Not exactly poetry but it fits the music pretty damn well. Vocally Frediablo uses low death growls, higher screams, and sparingly there's small use of semi-clean vocals.

The first song "Primal Aggression" kicks in right away, no intros, no bullshit. Straight up metal from the get go. It starts off fast and eventually kicks into a nice groove part just before and during the chorus. I like the solo that's used early in the song. "Outline in Black" is next. This song is rather light on lyrics, it could use either more lyrics or the song should have been made shorter as I find things to get rather repetitive depending on my mood. I love the slow part with the funeral bells in the background.

"A World of Wrath" is the third song on the album and has a bit more of a thrash metal bent at the beginning. There are also two lines of "clean" singing near the beginning, which is very surprising for someone like Frediablo especially since it's done so well. I love the drum, guitar, and vocal interplay near the end. "From Hell and Back" is a song about heavy metal and the lifestyle, a bit cheesy but it's easy to get past it when it's such an awesome song. "No Compromise" is another great song, fast but still retains a good amount of groove to it. "Obsession" is next with a good amount of groove and thrash at the same time. I really like how during the chorus the snare drum and crash cymbals are used to accentuate each word. It's definitely up there for one of my favorites cause you can headbang quite well to the whole thing!

The last 4 songs, "Lesser of Two Evils", "Ghouls of Grandeur", "Mosh-Pit Underground", and "Christ Denied" follow much of the same guidelines as the rest of the album with kick ass death/black with some groove and thrash riffs thrown in for good measure.

The one main thing I have to say about this album is that it's very even for quality, every song is up there in your face and kicks your ass from start to finish. Overall, a definite must buy and is probably one of the best albums released this year.