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"Belgian bastards that sound just like Katharsis" - 92%

DuskLord, May 18th, 2004

This album is one of those that has surprised me positively. Coming from Belgium, this band manages to catch that grim and hateful atmosphere of Katharsis and the likes of that. They really know no remorse in their tracks, it's just raging blasting with a decent sound quality. And I like that.

Track 1. "Grim". Starts off with a short ambience-thingie. Converts into a total blasting after 30sec or so. The guitar sound is very high-pitched and buzzy (comparable to Ulver's master opus "Nattens Madrigal", and all Katharsis' material.) The sound quality is raw and dirty, still all instruments and excellent low grunting vocals are well audible. Pure blasting mayhem for about 3 minutes.

Track 2. "Circadian Madness". Beginning to remind me of Katharsis more and more. Starts off with a killer guitar riff, creating the right atmosphere for the drums and vocals to kick in fast and convert into a black metal storm. Pure blasting for the next 5 minutes.

Track 3. "From My Darkened Soul". Expect nothing more than a change of the riff, again. The very monotonous blast-drumming could become a nuisance after a while, almost the same beat on every song. But still, this too is a very fast and raging song.

I can't really comment all the tracks. They're basically the same, just a change of riffs in every song. None of the songs are slow, just pure blasting all the way. In a way this fits well for someone who likes Katharsis, raw and ugly sound and hateful Attila-like-grunts (as in De Mysteriis...) for vocals, but some could find this album too monotonous and simple. I'm rating this for 92 points, thank you Grimfaug and may your next album be made with the same hateful spirit, but maybe with a bit more variating songs.