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A farewell to an era - 88%

TitaniumNK, December 23rd, 2011

Grim Reaper's third and final album, ''Rock You to Hell'', is by far their best and most memorable release. It also has excellent production, which flawed their previous albums and killer performances by vocalist Steve Grimmett and guitarist Nick Bowcott. This is a damn fine effort to conclude their opus and one period in metal's history. Here we go...

Steve Grimmett just owns everything in sight with his singing. He is such a talented and gifted vocalist that it almost hurts while you're listening to pieces like ''Rock You to Hell'', ''When Heaven Comes Down'', or ''Rock Me 'Till I Die'', it's so bloody good. It's a shame he didn’t get an opportunity to shine in some greater band (let's face it, Grim Reaper were very good, but never among the best metal bands), he would definitely cement his status as one of the best heavy metal vocalists. Nowadays, he's almost anonymous and only diehard metalheads know who Steve Grimmett is. Same has to be said for Nick Bowcott, an incredibly underrated guitar player, whose solos and riffs are astounding. One will notice, though, that Reaper's music is sometimes repetitive; the riffs and solos are often very similar and is probably the only reason why this band didn't become one of the heavy metal legends.

Back to the album – the title track, ''Night of the Vampire'', ''Lust for Freedom'', ''Rock Me 'Till I Die'', and ''Waysted Love'' are instant winners. All of them are typical '80s anthems with incredibly catchy main riffs and choruses. The title track is also the first Grim Reaper song that contains socially conscious lyrics (you’d never tell it by the title) and it actually works. Worth mentioning are ''When Heaven Comes Down'' and ''I Want More'' as typical solid Grim Reaper material; they aren't struck of genius, but they are very good, keeping on rolling and contributing a lot to the overall quality of this album.

On the other hand, ''Suck It and See'' and ''You'll Wish That You Were Never Born'' drag down this album. Remember what I said about Reaper's repetitive and unoriginal songs? Well, here they are. Actually, neither of these songs are a total throwaway crap as they have their moments and you might like them. Judge them for yourself.

''Rock You to Hell'' stands proudly as Grim Reaper's finest moment and the pure amount of fun that this record brings is a sufficient reason to get this album. Time just flies with Grimmett and company, and you surely will be satisfied after listening to this. It's a shame that Grim Reaper split up just one year after this album came out, since it seems to me that their music was getting better and better and who knows, they could've transformed into something very big and very influential. I also think that NWOBHM left us for good along with Reaper. Their music remains behind them to wave the NWOBHM banner with the genuine passion and power of that movement that changed the whole history of metal. Glory and honour to Grim Reaper!