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Who let these guys make this? - 0%

Troodon_metallicus, June 19th, 2017

Three people reviewed this album before me and they all gave this album zero points. Holy shit, just how bad is this album if that’s the case? As it turns out, it’s an abomination of an album. It’s not even so bad that it becomes good, quite the contrary, it’s so bad that it’s painful to sit through or even think about it. Nonetheless, let us begin.

This album only has five songs, but here’s the catch: the shortest song lasts for whole fifteen minutes. You read that right, the shortest song here lasts for fifteen minutes. That fact alone spells trouble for this album, but as you’ll see, it’s the least of the problems.

Let’s take the song titles and the title of the album. These Saudis (yeah, these guys are from Saudi Arabia, as impossible to believe as it may be) must have a terrible grasp of English, because the titles look like the band members took a dictionary, picked some English words at random and put them together. Pick any of the titles and tell me if you understand what they were trying to say, because I sure as hell fail to. With that in mind, I didn’t bother to check the lyrics, but I bet they’re even worse in this regard.

And I didn’t even say what the band plays. Well, now I'm saying it, they play death/doom metal or something that’s supposed to be death/doom metal. As you may have guessed it, this is another field where Grieving Age fails spectacularly. I do understand that death/doom metal is supposed to be slow, but, you see, I don’t think it’s supposed to sound dead, and indeed, “dead” is a great word to describe the music on this album. There’s no atmosphere, no tempo changes worth mentioning, no interesting sections, it just drags on and on for more than one hundred minutes and it feels even longer.

As for the vocals... where do I begin? They’ll either put you to sleep or annoy you; personally, I found them annoying. Not only are they unpleasant to listen to on their own, but the vocalist also seems to have trouble shutting up once he opens his mouth. Yes, once he starts... making sounds, for the lack of a better way of expressing myself... he keeps rattling on and spewing whatever the fuck the band members have written until he gets bored or until he needs to take a breath.

Wow! No wonder this album didn’t get even one rating above zero, as it really does not deserve it. Zero points for this, no two ways about it. Waking the Cadaver’s debut album, and I’m aware of how unfair this comparison is, at least had the mercy of being much shorter than this, though it does not save it at all. If you decide to check this out despite everything, have some strong drinks ready, they might help you survive the torture you’ll experience.