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There is no god. - 0%

TheMeh, July 11th, 2018

There are a lot of things that make a band stick out. Interesting guitar work, neat-sounding vocals, pleasant bass, and, if you're lucky, none of those things encased in a band breaking their own country's laws by being a band in the first place. You'd think I was kidding, but here we have a band from Saudi Arabia doing just that. I hate to say it, but there's a certain level of amusement to the simple idea that this band's going against preconceived law to deliver shit like this... and I don't use the term "shit" loosely.

Let's break this down. First things first, the lyrics. These people barely seem to understand English, as most of the titles are made up and sound stupid. This group apparently thought that playing it by ear and piecing together the coolest sounding words would be the coolest thing they could do, and yet it makes absolutely no sense in any context. These aren't lyrics at all, it's a fucking Scrabble game! Fuckin'... Yahtzee! I... understand that there's a language barrier, believe me, I do. There's a whole conversation to be had about understanding the English language, there's plenty of ways a person could better understand how to talk to and convey things in English. It very much pisses me off that a band like this strives to ignore that, though. All this seems to be to them is an attempt to sound cool with their work. It's almost sad to me how much that fails, and becomes meaningless over time. What the hell does "Merely The Fleshless We and the Awed Obesquy" mean?

Moving on, the music itself... is torturous. It wouldn't surprise me if the CIA were trying to use this album as torture music to terrorists. There's absolutely no rhythm to move forward from. The vocals are horrid, the guitar is a drag, everything about it is wrong. One need not look further than the first track, "Merely the Ululating Scurrilous Warblers Shalt Interminably Bray!", which... god, I still despise the lack of understandable English. This song takes its opening and drags it out to last almost five minutes long. Nothing about it sounds good, it just moves forward. It just keeps happening. There's no interesting things happening at all, it just... does. That's it. It moves forward without reason, with the same pattern of repetition and each line ends up sounding the same as everything else in the song. It's admittedly a drag. I don't think I can attribute that to it just being a death-doom band, either. I know there's good to come from both sides of that spectrum, and I don't feel like this band is able to conjure ANY of what makes those two genres good on their own, or together.

But y'know what the best part about this album is? Y'know what really sells its worth to me? Its length. This album is able to shit out two CDs, both just about an hour long. One with three songs, the other with two, equaling out to a total of five songs. Not a single one is less than 10 minutes in length, and all of them are basically the first track, just stretched around like dollar store silly putty. It's... definitely silly, you can say that. It's also probably the most idiotic way to present an album like this.

I don't honestly know what else to say. This is easily one of the worst albums out there... ever. There's nothing good about this album, and believe me, I've spent the time to sit down and try to find it. Take my advice here: NEVER listen to this album. Don't waste your time with a band as worthless as this. There are better death-doom bands around this site. AVOID THIS ONE.