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Grenadier- Trumpets Blare In Blazing Glory - 90%

RichardTaylor666, August 12th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2022, Digital, Drakkar Productions (Bandcamp)

Straight from da Pearl the b'ys from Grenadier have unleashed probably one of the most memorable extreme metal albums from “the rock” in recent memory. Before I dive into the release pardon the Newfoundland or Newfie lingo as I, myself am from the same island of Newfoundland or “The Rock” as its commonly referred to.

Newfoundland is an island far east of Canada and people are usually fairly humble/proud of their roots here. I grew up listening to metal since I can remember (I believe Hot Spikes by Fist might have been my earliest exposure). I started out with Metallica got more extreme with Slayer and then came Cannibal Corpse (to my parents abhorrence). After this I never stopped and shit got more intense with grindcore like Napalm Death, satanic death metal like Deicide, then I discovered old school Nuclear Blast America and Earache Records and of course black metal on Osmose Records such as Immortal.

I never played an instrument (took guitar lessons and dropped it) but I found satisfaction in writing and contributing online, zines etcetera. My main focus became underground horror and its become a satisfying hobby. I had to switch focus and explain how satisfying it was to hear a band like Grenadier. A band sounding like something easily coming out of the USA or Europe. Their wall of sound and sheer power on this release is monumental to these ears.

I got in contact with vocalist Adam Sharr who also happens to have this insane one man raw black metal band called Nocturnal Prayer. Nocturnal Prayer are signed to Inferna Profundis Records in Poland. You can check out Nocturnal Prayers material on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Grenadier: Trumpets Blare In Blazing Glory focusses on historical war and battles while the music is inspired by the controversial US band Arghoslent (only music wise and not in beliefs or ideologies). I can hear similar riffage to the Gothenburg era melodic Swedish death metal such as At the Gates and earlier In Flames. I also get notes of Agalloch and Amon Amarth. The melodic riffs really make this release shine — its beautiful, catchy and “Sentimental Death Metal,” a phrase the band has coined for themselves. Props to guitarists Nick Baker, and Chris Rogers (Cyprian) for delivering such memorable compositions. Harry Clark (Emblem) rounds out the low end on bass and Jordon Walsh (Goreforge) constantly and relentlessly beats those hyper cans.

Seven of the tracks on here are all bangers — my favorites being Storm Attrition, the title track, The Levant Sultanate and the closer Plight of the Naath. Clocking in at under 40 minutes this one easily deserves repeated listens. Produced by Trevor Leonard (Allagash, Fireign) and it sounds massive and brilliant in scope. If anything my only complaint is that its too short. Purchase the CD now at the bands label Drakkar Records out of France. You can also get it on Bandcamp to download for $10. Also look for shirts on bandcamp and un upcoming vinyl release for the diehards

Review submitted by original author Richard Taylor and authorized by Chris Severed of