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Simpler direction, but still good. - 80%

TheAlmightySmithy, August 1st, 2004

Following their huge epic Light of Day, Day of Darkness with another hit would be a difficult task for Green Carnation, and yet they still pulled it off. Though it isn't nearly as technical as LoDDoD (but then again, not too many things are), it's still a good follow-up.

It starts off good with Crushed to Dust, a song about a suicide. Although I'm not much for depressing lyrics, it is still very good. The beat is great and it's a song that can stay in your head for a while.
Lullaby in Winter is next, and it's slower-paced than the first one. It's ok, but not a very rememberable track at all in my opinion.
The next song is in my view the best song on the track, Writings on the Wall. The chorus is great and although the lyrics are once again about suicide, it still makes for a great song.

The first three are pretty much the tone for the rest of the album. What you hear then will be what you hear later, some good and some bad. Depressing lyrics, simplistic instrumental lines, but still done very well. Fans of Light of Day, Day of Darkness will find love in this album, whereas people who want stuff more like their first album (Journey to the end of the Night) might want to listen to it before deciding to purchase it. Although it isn't very technical, it's very rock solid and will leave you wanting more Green Carnation.

Best songs on the album: Crushed to Dust, Writings on the Wall, Myron & Cole