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Doomy Hendrix - 70%

flightoficarus86, December 2nd, 2014

Like this album, my review will be fairly brief. Another new release from Senseless Life Records, this is one of the few that have stood out to me. Determining the genre is somewhat difficult here, but overall it’s pretty much doom and sludge. However, the guitars give it a vibe not unlike a grittier Mastodon. It’s Jimmy Hendrix meets doom. Expect a lot of solos that logically must end with the guitar being set aflame.

The overall melody is very bass driven. There seems to be a clear sound across the few songs. Crunchy, repetitive hooks complement the very deliberate pacing and accenting of the drums. The more I listen, it becomes apparent that there is a clear 70’s Sabbath influence. This is probably the closest I’ve heard a modern band get to sounding like they were recorded in the same period. Songs are broken up by brief jam sessions straight out of Iommi’s basement.

But the major difference here from said classic rock groups is the vocals. I am really at a loss for words to describe them, but I will do my best. Take a big, concrete room, place a shitty microphone as far away from the singer as possible, have him grunt various indecipherable things in kind of a half Opeth-styled growl. That may sound bad, but somehow it works out in the end.

I’ll be honest and say that out of the few albums from this label I have liked so far, this is probably my least favorite. It lacks the staying power of the others. That being said, last place in a small group of bands that are leaps and bounds better than the dozens of others on the label ain’t half bad. Check out the album stream on youtube and decide for yourself.

Gloomy Doom - 65%

McTague97, December 1st, 2014

I'm not really the biggest fan of stoner metal, not to say I hate it or that I can't get into any of the bands but its a harder sell for me. Slowed down tempos demand amazing riffage. The tempo affects how energetic the songs feel and many doom metal songs feel drowsy and tiring. My straight edge lifestyle generally makes it difficult to relate to the lyrics many a time.

First off the tempo on this album won't help much to bring it a good score. The sound quality is pretty weak and sounds more quiet then it should be. What the album needs is a picker upper for its energy levels but this is not to be found in the production department.

The sound and tone of the guitar are pretty good. Its riffs need more energy though, its a slow tiring sound. There are sections on the rhythm guitar that might do the trick but the poor sound quality rips their potential to shreds. The lead guitar sticks to the slow doom like riffs that stoner metal is known for. The rhythm guitar is faster adding sped up (in comparison, they're pretty mid-paced) hooks and solos.

The drums sound plasticy and didn't demand much attention. The bass didn't stand out either. They both kept to the slow tempos. Maybe you've caught on that the slow tempos gain no favor in my book by now. The album has 2 instrumental songs, tracks 2 and 4. Ostracized & Exiled and Pipe Incantation being their names in order that they appear. They have a total length of around 4 minutes. They were snoozable at best. The vocals were delivered in a growl that seemed out of place, I'm sorry it just seemed too slow for death growls. The best song on here (and this song is passable by itself) is the third track, I don't remember what it's called.